Book Early and Save on 2019 Whale Watching Experiences
Book Early and Save on 2019 Whale Watching Experiences

Book Early and Save on 2019 Whale Watching Experiences

If you missed out on the whale migration this season or simply want to experience it a second time, it’s never too early to secure your spot on one of next season’s tours. Many tour operators offer exclusive discounts to those that book early, so depending on the offer, you might be able to save tremendously. Most importantly, you will guarantee your spot on a tour of your choosing and not have to worry about missing out due to certain tours being sold out.

Whale watching tours are available to both locals and travellers, but if you are visiting from another country, you may only get one shot to witness the migration. But, by booking early, you can make sure that there is no missing out.

What Tours Are Available?

The whale migration lasts for several months, and in that time, there will be daily tours that are standard, but you are also going to find tours for special occasions. For example, you can book cruises during Sydney’s annual “Vivid Sydney” festival and see the incredible light show from the ocean, perhaps even seeing whales and other wildlife at the same time.

Otherwise, Sydney whale watching is a daily occurrence. You can go out during the week or save the fun for the weekend, and cruises depart at regular intervals throughout the day. However, you can also wait and go during the sunset. Typical tours are a few hours long, giving your tour guides plenty of time to locate the best spots so that you get the best viewing experience.

Standard or Private Tours

The boats that you are going out on are generally very large, and they are designed to hold upwards of 50 passengers. However, you also have the option to book a private tour if you are with a large group or simply want to enjoy the whales with less commotion. With a private cruise, you usually have the option to bring alcohol, so you can really maximise your experience in your own way.

Book with a Reputable Provider

If you are looking to book your whale watching experience early, make sure that you are booking with a tour provider that you can trust.

You want to know that you are in good hands when you go out on the ocean, and an excellent tour provider will make you feel safe and comfortable the whole way. You also want to know that your tour providers are responsible, respectful, and passionate, and while whale watching can be an incredible sight, you want tour guides who are respectful of nature and the whales that are being watched.

When your tour guides are passionate, they are also extremely knowledgeable, which means your whale watching experience will, in many ways, be a learning experience as well. Your tour guides will provide some excellent information during your cruise, so you not only get to witness the whales, but you also get to learn about the migration and ocean life in the process.

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