Top Reasons Why You Need to Visit Turkey At Least Once In Your Life

Tall mountains, crystal clear waters, huge cosmopolitan cities are just but many facets of turkey. It’s these unique features that make Turkey a great destination for domestic and external tourists.

In Turkey, there’s so much to see. You’ll need all the time you can get to see these amazing facets. The following are some crucial reasons to visit Turkey.

  1. People

I know it seems like we always say people from this and that country are nice. But Turkey has some of the most welcoming people in the world. Here, if you get stuck, the people will do anything to help you.

Don’t get shocked if they invite you for a tea or take you out for lunch. Further, these people are comfortable talking about their personal lives with anyone. So, don’t feel bad when they ask some personal questions like, are you married? Do you have kids?

  1. The Food

The food here is very tasty. The stews, kebab, shawarmas, pizza, bread, soup, and other regional specialties are all fantastic. The best part? Appetizers like salad are served for free.

If you visit Turkey, be sure to try the borek meal. It’s a flaky dough pastry that’s stuffed with aromatic foods like spinach, meat, and cheese. You can sample the meal and try it out at home with this recipe.

  1. Beautiful Beaches

Antalya, Fethiye, Izmir, and Bodrum have some of the best beaches in Turkey. Here, you’ll get a spectrum that includes everything from exciting beach parties to secluded coves.

One way to enjoy these beaches is by taking a Blue Cruise to the Aegean Coast or Mediterranean Coast.

  1. Turkish Baths

The hamam experience is synonymous with Turkey. It’s one of the favorite features among most people visiting this country.

Being scrubbed, washed and then massaged in a cloud of foam is an interesting way to have fun.

  1. Archaeological Sites

Turkey has witnessed many empires and civilization. As such, it has an incredible amount of historical sites across the country.

From the ruins of Ephesus, Istanbul’s mosques and palaces to underground cities of Cappadocia. You may also visit the medieval Armenian city ruins and the ancient king’s tomb located in Mount Nemrut.

This country is definitely a haven for history and archaeology enthusiasts.

  1. Excellent Museums

With so much history to its name, Turkey has amazing museums. The museums help in preserving findings from different archeological sites across the country.

From the Istanbul’s Ottoman Palace museum to Zeugma, Gaziantep- the largest mosaic museum, there’s so much to see while here.

  1. Great Food Shopping

Turkey has an amazing range of cuisine. As such, it’s no wonder that the place has an amazing food shopping opportunity.

You can visit the  bazaars and other open-air markets for shopping. Most locals prefer to shop at neighborhood markets, however, tourists prefer to shop in Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaars.

Choose the best shopping venue that offers what you need at a fair rate.

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