Traveling to Bangkok? Here’s Why you Should Stay in a Boutique Hotel

When you plan to travel to Bangkok, you will have to take into account a lot of things and you must not take your accommodation lightly. Keep in mind that choosing the wrong hotel can ruin your travel plan and experience.

Although there are a lot of accommodation options you can choose from, boutique hotels are popular options for any travelers in this Thai city. Although smaller in size, a boutique hotel promises a worthwhile experience to travelers because of its personalized services, great spaces and amenities, state-of-the-art technology and customer service. Boutique hotels have their own restaurants and bars that make them an ideal setting for a traveler who wants a comfortable stay.

As a modern traveler, you might want to enjoy a homey hotel experience that comes with some luxury without having to spend a fortune. Boutique hotels can provide this experience. The following are some of the reasons you should stay in one of the most romantic charming boutique hotels Bangkok in your next Thailand trip:

They are Affordable

Boutique hotels in Bangkok have an average pricing. Although they are pricier than a motel, boutique hotel prices are reasonable enough to let you experience the best accommodations without having to pay the price of a hotel chain.

They Have a Themed Environment

Boutique hotels are small in size with only 10 to 100 rooms available. This makes them easy to maintain their establishment with a themed environment. This theme usually creates a cohesive atmosphere from the lobby to their rooms, restaurants and beyond. Every decor they have will show the personality of the hotel.

They Provide Personalized Services

Boutique hotel management and staff see their guests as individuals with unique needs and cater to these. Because they only have a limited number of guests, they can easily provide their guests with satisfying, individualized services.

They Offer Luxurious Accommodations

Who says boutique hotels are cheap and that guests settle for subpar services? These hotels are also capable of offering luxury accommodations to their guests. You can expect lavish services and supplies, from toiletries to mattresses. With these hotels, you can enjoy more than just the worth of your expenses.

They are in a Great Location

Boutique hotels usually sit in locations where average locals and travelers go. Because they don’t require a big space, they can be easily built in the heart of Bangkok. Thus, staying at these hotels will give you an easy access to almost everything.

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